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Wearlon Water-Based Industrial Release Coatings are Teflon®-like nonstick, anti-friction and protective. Wearlon is used in a broad class of applications including icephobics, marine, anti-graffiti, textile and paper industry, waste water and mold release.

Wearlon Water-Based Industrial Coatings

Wearlon is a superior epoxy coating. Wearlon technology fuses silicone throughout the matrix of the epoxy, offering unique non-stick, anti-friction advantages in a broad range of applications.

What makes Wearlon different and better than other nonstick coatings?

  • Unlike other silicone epoxies, the Wearlon Silicone epoxies exist as a block copolymer, therefore eliminating the fear of silicone migration and contamination.
  • It does not require heat assistance for curing. It will cure at room temperature! It can be applied anytime and anywhere.
  • It does not require complicated means in the application process. Spray, brush, or roll. Simple and easy!
  • Wearlon is a water based, low VOC, environmentally friendly, silicone-epoxy coating.
  • The coating, and its non-stick repellent properties last. Tough, durable, and abrasion resistant.
  • Highly rated for corrosion resistance and protection in all environments.
  • Comes in any color, matte or gloss.
  • No primer required in most cases. A single topcoat application and you're done!
  • Adheres tenaciously to just about anything and everything - wood, metal, plastic, etc.
  • It is less costly, lasts longer, and out-performs other coatings.


Marine: Fast Boats

Marine: Anti-Fouling

Easy-Clean for Algae in Marine, Wastewater Clarifiers, Pools, etc.

Marine: Shallow Water Boats

Driftboats, airboats,
jonboats, etc.

Ice Resistance:

Industrial Applications:

Such as Pulp & Paper,
Cutting Tools, Coating rolls
for the Converting Industry


Application Technique

Petroleum Industry:

Protective Coating

(Valves, etc.):

Floor Coating,
Wood Coating:

Stretch Forming of Metals:

Non-Stick / Release

Adhesive Release, Easy Clean - Dumpsters & Trash Cans / Zoo Pens / Holding Tanks & Silos / Industrial Machinery, Nonstick for General Manufacturing Processes

Cement / Concrete
Retaining Walls, Foundations:

Piles, Drilled Shafts, Sheet Piling

Grain / Cement Silos:

Pulp and Paper Industry:


Non-stick, graffiti resistant, easy cleaning, long lasting, industrial coating systems for a wide range of applications.

Waste Water Rack Cement Silo Fans
  Air Boat Paper Machine
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