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Wearlon® 2020.98-H

Stretch Forming Metals

Paint Booth
  • Wearlon 2020.98-H is used by major corporations.
  • Used for stretch forming of aluminum for the aircraft industry as reported in Boeing “Supplier Communication,” Issue 48, July 2001
  • Manufacturers of auto and airplane parts have substituted the use of oil on stretch forming molds with Wearlon 2020.98-Hybrid


  • Precision molding
  • Ease of painting finished product without concern of surface contamination from oils
  • Many reuses of the mold without the need to reapply lubricants
  • No more need of transporting used oil as a hazardous materials
  • Improved corrosion resistance, while extending the life of tools
  • Speeds up production
  • Reduces / eliminates variations due to oil viscosity and usage
  • Eliminates oxidation of aluminum and plastic dies
  • Reduces benching (sanding) operation
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