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Marine Anti-Fouling
Wearlon® Super F-3M

The Great Lakes are presently infested with zebra mussels that are clogging up water intake lines for cities, municipalities, and industry. The chlorine flushing is destroying the water environment.

Screens and trash racks that took care of the water filtering in the past are now so weighed down with zebra mussels that in some cases cranes are required to remove the tons of zebra mussels weighting these parts down.

A study by a leading university and a well recognized Hydro-electric Operations Company has demonstrated the value of Wearlon.

Trash racks and screens coated with conventional anti-fouling coatings failed, not only in regards to leeching toxins, but also demonstrated poor corrosion resistance. The epoxies resulted in massive zebra mussel attachments.

Wearlon Super F-3M by itself or in combination with a primer demonstrated excellent zebra mussel, algae and corrosion resistance. These coatings have been employed for several years without the need of continuous maintenance.

Waste Water Treatment
Wearlon Super F-3M

The city of Petaluma, California has Wearlon-coated clarifier launders and other surfaces at its Waste Water Treatment Facility. In September 2001 Wearlon was coated on these surfaces to reduce algae growth and thereby reduce cleaning costs. They also coated Wearlon on dump truck beds used for hauling away of bio-solid waste products. The Plant Manager reported that the Wearlon is still performing well in both of these situations. The attached picture demonstrates the Wearlon as represented by the blue surface as being resistant to algae growth. The surrounding area does not have the Wearlon coating, resulting in rapid algae growth and the subsequent problem of removing these well-adhered species.

Salt Water Marine Coating
Wearlon Super F-3M

Barnacles are readily removed by periodic brushing of the surfaces coated with Wearlon Super F-3M. Presently, barnacle and salt water bio-fouling resistance are under intense study at Battelle Laboratory, Florida Institute of Technology and several test sites throughout the world. Reports are very encouraging and further testing is required to further amplify these findings.

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