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Wearlon® 711/722 - Anti-Graffiti Coating

Wearlon 711 is a water-born silicone polyester that has non-stick properties, thus providing excellent anti-graffiti properties, as well as a protective coating for interior and exterior surfaces. The excellent clarity makes it ideal for bulletin boards, signage, and murals.

Wearlon 711/722 can also be pigmented to suit a particular color scheme or cover up any existing graffiti.


  • resists scuff marks, graffiti, gummy adhesive tapes, all stains
  • easy to clean
  • non-stick, slippery coating
  • abrasion-resistant
  • mildew and mold resistant
  • insect-resistant
  • weather-resistant
  • lubricious
  • water-based
  • cures at room temperature
  • durable
  • cleans up with water
  • easy to apply
  • non-sacrificial (does not lose its properties after cleaning)

Protective Applications:

  • vinyl and paper billboards
  • signage
  • metal, wood, cement, plastic, brick, and tile
  • anti-corrosive and stain resistant for garbage dumpsters
  • gymnasiums and ice rinks (interior and side boards) to reduce scuff marks
  • raquet ball courts
  • auto paint

Unlike other graffiti coatings, Wearlon-coated surfaces resist stains and when used oudoors, rain makes them generally self-cleaning.

Permanent markers, spray paints, adhesives do not firmly stick, and therefore are readily removed with conventional cleaners.

Wearlon 711/722 can be applied on high speed print machines or converting machines. The fast drying and excellent flexibility of Wearlon permits folding and rolling up without cracking of the coating. This Wearlon flexibility is especially valuable in the manufacture and protection of labels, printed paper, and vinyl billboard designs.

(Burlington, Vermont - mural on cement wall coated in 2002 with Wearlon
711/722 for UV and graffiti protection - still performing excellent.)

Wearlon 711 protects murals from grafitti
After 7 years, murals in Toronto, Canada overcoated with Wearlon 711/722 for UV and graffiti protection - still performing excellent. Other murals that did not have Wearlon 711/722 coating are essentially destroyed by UV light and graffiti.

Application Technique

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