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Application Technique for Wearlon 711 Topcoat / Wearlon 722

Note: This is a guideline for application only. Refer to Data Sheets for additional information. These coatings are sometimes used in different combinations or by themselves, as needed. Prior to beginning a project, apply the coatings to the exact surface you will be coating for your project as a test and begin the project only after you have assured that the test was successful and that this product is suitable for your application. If you have problems or questions with the test, please call 518-587-7624 and we can supply technical assistance.

Tools: Use a foam brush, or roller. A short nap square nylon brush is sometimes used to polish on extremely light coatings. If spraying, apply with a tip that applies the least amount to form a continuous coating. Use a foam roller to level out any sagging.


  1. Read MSDS and Data Sheet for WEARLON 711. WEARLON 711-B is an acid catalyst and must be handled with special care.
  2. Add the WEARLON 711-B acid catalyst to the WEARLON 711-A. To ensure a good homogenous mixture, mix periodically before and while applying. Use within 6 hours after mixing the A and B components together.
  3. Apply a light coating of the catalyzed WEARLON 711 over the required surface. Allow at least two hours to set up prior to subjecting to any abrasion.
  4. Wearlon 711 can be applied directly to the following surfaces without the need for a primer.

Wood, oil stained woods (apply a light coat, then sand any raised wood grain, followed by an additional 711 coat), alkyds, oil base paints, spray paints, polyurethanes, epoxies and powder coatings. All other substrates should be tested with a small patch of the 711 to see if the product cures properly before proceeding. If the coating remains tacky after 2 hours of curing, then a primer such as Wearlon 722 must be used prior to over coating with the 711.

Wearlon 2020.90 Primer

(Wearlon 2020.90 is used only when necessary on surfaces that are difficult to adhere to.) Avoid diluting if possible. Add 5% water if necessary for spraying. Note: Whenever possible apply Wearlon under room temperature conditions. Do not apply at temperatures below 40°F and relative humidity above 90%.

  1. Read MSDS and Data Sheet for Wearlon 2020.90 prior to application.
  2. Clean surfaces with drinking water while making sure there are no residual oils or grease clinging to the surface to be coated.
  3. Shake all containers to make sure these coatings are homogenous.
  4. Add the amber colored Wearlon 2020.90-B to the respective Wearlon 2020.90-A. Shake or mix well before using. For less than the pre-packaged kit, mix as follows: To 11 parts of the A component, mix in 2 parts of the B component. Use up the catalyzed mixture within one hour after mixing. Always clean up immediately with water before coating cures. Allow the Wearlon 2020.90 coating to cure overnight before applying the WEARLON 711. The coating should be clear and no longer have a milky appearance.


  1. Read MSDS and Data Sheet for WEARLON 722.
  2. Mix and apply a light coating of the WEARLON 722. Allow at least one to two hours to cure before applying WEARLON 711. Always clean up immediately prior to the coating setting up and becoming water resistant.

*** Always make sure the desired appearance is achieved if you will be applying an additional top coat. Sanding or a second coat may be required before application of top coat.

Application Technique for Wearlon 711/ 2020.90/ 722 _Rev. 5
June 2012

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