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Wearlon® Super F-1M          - Fast Boats -

As reported under the heading "Intrinsic Drag Reduction of Biofouling-Resistant Coatings" by Robert E. Baier, Anne E. Meyer, Robert L. Forsberg, and Mark S. Ricotta, Industry / University Center for Biosurfaces, State University of New York at Buffalo, NY and sponsored by the U.S. Office of Naval Research and recorded under the proceedings "Emerging Nonmetallic Materials for the Marine Environment,"

Reduction in drag resistance of a craft through water has brought out the advantage of using Wearlon as a marine coating. In particular, the addition of controlled superficial microtexture while maintaining critical surface tension between 20 and 30 mN/m provides a drag reduction advantage that can usher in a new generation of energy-saving marine coatings.

Results suggest the following for best reduction in drag resistance:

  1. Low to very low surface energies such as Wearlon at a 20 to 30 mN/m surface tension.
  2. Surface - layer turbulence suppression by coating compliance
  3. Micro-roughness, at a scale that supports nucleation, entrapment, and release of microbubbles into the boundary layer and free stream flow.

Wearlon Super F-1M
(graphite color)
rolled on boat
bottom using
3/8-inch nap
paint roller
The dimpled Wearlon surface on a boat has a high contact angle with water while reducing the air drag, resulting in improved speed for watercraft. Sailboats, speedboats, and hydroplanes benefit from this added advantage in speed.

According to hydroplane racer, Joe Pater, "I raced last weekend with both the hydro and runabout. (Both are coated with Wearlon). I won both the DASH FOR THE CASH (one of the hardest races in the country to win) and the North American Championship in CSR. So, the wins just keep on coming and Wearlon is a part of the success.

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