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Wearlon® 4545.76AG (pigmented)

After years of testing, Wearlon 4545.76 has been proven to be the coating-of-choice for extreme anti-graffiti applications. This water-based, environmentally friendly latex paint coupled with a water-based cleaner frustrates the graffiti "artist" resulting in little or no graffiti. Spray paints and permanent markers are repelled from this low surface energy coating.


  • Latex paint (water based)
  • Easy to apply / easy to clean up
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent surface protection extending the life of metals, concrete, wood, plastics, etc.
  • Apply with conventional equipment
  • Pigmented to cover up existing graffiti or soiled walls. (Available in dark colors only.)
  • Painted graffiti "fish-eyes" and runs off the Wearlon 4545.76 surface, discouraging the graffiti artist
  • Graffiti is readily removed by using slight hand pressure or Graffiti Off! cleaner. CAUTION: Do not use strong cleaner or aggressive solvent (such as Acetone) for cleaning Wearlon 4545.76 surfaces.

The Handwriting is on the Wall - Wearlon 4545.76 as reported in the Wall Street Journal - May 1996

Schenectady, New York - cement "graffiti wall" - still performing after 10 years

Graffiti Removes from Surfaces Coated with Wearlon 4545.76

Wearlon 4545.76 coated
metal plate

Spray paint on Wearlon
4545.76 coated metal

Spray paint partially
removed by hand - on
Wearlon 4545.76 coated
metal plate.

Spray paint readily removed using
water-based graffiti remover on
Wearlon 4545.76 coated metal plate

Wearlon 4545.76
coated metal plate
after spray paint is

Remove areas of graffiti
by spraying Graffiti Off,
brushing, and washing off
with a water hose.

Wearlon® 4545.76 - Extensive Testing Confirms the Uniqueness of this Product

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