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The Latest Breakthrough In Wearlon Technology...

Wearlon 2020.99 Wearlon 2020.99 - Stain Resistant / Easy Clean Surfaces

Wearlon 2020.99 -

  • is a water-based non-stick transparent surface coat for painted walls
  • resists scuff marks, graffiti, gummy adhesive tapes, all stains
  • is easy to clean

Plastic Maritime Corporation of Wilton, New York has completed its Wearlon joint testing program with Skidmore College, in Saratoga Springs, New York. Plastic Maritime is excited to introduce the latest breakthrough in anti-graffiti technology - Wearlon 2020.99.

Wearlon 2020.99 Skidmore College is an elite, prestigious private college in upstate New York. Graffiti, coupled with the common problems of every day scuff marks, has proven to be an expensive and embarrassing problem for them. Typically, areas needed to be repainted each semester. After trying many methods and products that are available commercially, they turned to Wearlon. Plastic Maritime encouraged Skidmore to test the latest product out on their worst areas, the corridors leading to the dorm buildings.

Wearlon 2020.99 Approximately a year has gone by with magnificent results. There were zero incidences of graffiti, scuffs, stains of any kind, and Wearlon even prevented the great nuisance of posted notices that are typically stuck with gummy adhesives all over the walls. They were pleasantly astounded, and have now re-ordered to coat more of the Skidmore campus. Wearlon will be economically cost effective for Skidmore College.

Wearlon 2020.99 is ideal for schools, hospitals, locker rooms, restaurants, and anywhere that painted surfaces are vulnerable to stain.

Wearlon 2020.99 is applied as a thin protective film and will cover approximately 1200 square feet with just one gallon, four times the coverage of other coatings and paints.

Other than a slight increase in gloss, there is no significant change in the aesthetics of a painted wall covered with Wearlon 2020.99 - and walls can be repainted with conventional latex paints.

Plastic Maritime Corporation manufactures and sells Wearlon products, and can be reached at 518-587-7624.

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