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Typical Wearlon® Silicone Epoxy Coatings (Wearlon® 2020.90 and Wearlon® 2020.98)

These tests have been conducted on cold rolled steel Q-panels that have been surface prepared to SSPC 10 (sand blasted) and spray coated with 4.0 mil DFT (dryfilm thickness) of Wearlon® 2020.90 Primer, room temperature cured for 24 hours, followed by spray coating with Wearlon® 2020.98 Top- Coating to 4.0 mil DFT. The coated panels were cured at room temperature (minimum 20° C) for 7 days before testing commenced. Exposure tests have been conducted for 50 days in accordance with a modified version of ASTM G20-88. Under certain corrosive conditions pigments might change color without affecting physical properties of the coating.

KEY No Effect NR: Not Recommended
Substance Exposed To % Cont Fumes Occasional Splash 68°F (20° C) Immersion 140°F (60°C) Immersion
Benzene 100        
Diesel Fuel D2 100        
Diethanol Amine 100        
Formaldehyde 100        
Gasoline Super + 100        
Gasoline Unleaded 100        
Kerosene 100        
Methanol 100        
Methyl Ethyl Ketone 100        
Methylene Chloride 100 NR NR NR NR
N-Methyl Pyrolidine 100        
Naptha Aromatic 100        
Ships Bunker Fuel Type C 100        
Toluene 100        
Hydrogen Peroxide 30     7 days Not tested
Sodium Hypochlorite 10        
Distilled Water 100        
Tap Water 100        
Calcium Chloride Sat        
Sodium Chloride 25        
Sodium Sulfate Sat        

This information is provided to assist the specifier in the selection of an appropriate coating for an end use situation. No warranty is expressed or implied since the surface preparation, thickness of application and the environmental conditions at the time of coating are beyond our control. The onus is on the user to determine if the product is fit for purpose. Should more information be required, please contact us and we will endeavor to be of assistance.

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