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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply Wearlon 2020.90 Primer with Wearlon 722 / Wearlon 711?

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I have just recoated a Wearlon surface, and have a “poor wetting” effect on the cured surface.

After Wearlon is cured, it repels water resulting in poor wetting of any subsequent Wearlon coating. This poor wetting or “fish eyes” can be prevented by doing the following before recoating the surface - light sanding and rubbing down with Acetone, to remove any particulate. On occasion, adequate re-wetting has been obtained by rubbing or polishing a small amount of Wearlon on the surface until the surface is fully coated, and then spraying the remainder of the Wearlon to the desired thickness.

Will flash rusting or brown spots occur on Wearlon coated cold rolled steel?

If sandblasted, cold rolled steel when left in storage for any period of time, a flash-rust additive should be applied before coating. The preferred flash-rust additive, Flash Shield Rust Inhibitor 104-K, can be supplied by Plastic Maritime or purchased from UltraChem LLC (phone 713-641-4245). If purchased from UltraChem, it should be cut 30:1 with water. It will delay flash rusting for 3 to 5 days. It is specifically formulated so that Wearlon coatings can be applied directly over it without loss of adhesion.

Pre-heating of sandblasted steel to approximately 120° - 140° F. has the following advantages:

  1. Fast drying time for quick turn-around
  2. No sagging of the coating
  3. *No flash rusting (see above)
  4. The steel panels can be placed on a truck for delivery the same day
  5. The double-coating of steel surfaces results in no pinholes
  6. The water-based coating allows for quick evaporation without the fear of fires

The Wearlon coated surface has lost some of its release properties after some extreme wear and abrasion.

Wearlon coatings can be renewed by simply over-coating with a light deposit of the same Wearlon coating. See Data Sheet for Speedcoat-49 under headings Thinning and Clean-Up and Application and Recoating for further information.

Do I need a primer?

Wearlon has excellent adhesion to many substrates, including metals, plastic, resin, etc., and therefore does not require a primer. However, Wearlon top-coats have a low loading of pigment and therefore do not have good hiding power, which maybe important for the aesthetic aspect.

To obtain the very best corrosion resistant coated surface, it is necessary to have a pin-hole free surface. This is easily obtained by using a primer prior to Wearlon top coating.

Wearlon works well on boats, without the need for a primer. However, on steel where it is important to have a pin-hole free surface, we would recommend using our Wearlon Super F-6M primer. Wearlon 2020.90 primer is used also, but is not recommended as a coating on cold rolled steel that will be immersed in water for a prolonged period of time.

Do I need to post heat the Wearlon coated surface?

All Wearlon coatings will cure on substrates that are coated at surface temperatures above 40°F or at room temperature. These coatings are excellent performers and can be put into service the next day or preferably a week later to allow further curing at room temperature. If desired post heating the next day after coating will result in higher cross-linked density and therefore will have better abrasion properties. Some Wearlon coated substrates are post heated at temperatures as high as 300°F for 30 minutes before being put into service.

Will Wearlon fade when exposed to the outdoors?

All Wearlon silicone epoxies have a tendency to chalk slightly and therefore lose some of their gloss when exposed to U.V. light. The release, the performance properties, and over-all general appearance remains about the same. We recommend using darker colors – black, blue, gray, etc. Whites tend to fade to the yellow side when exposed to U.V. light. A periodic rub-down with Speedcoat-49 as a polish always renews the shine if that is desired in the product.

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