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Wearlon® 722

Unique Properties

Wearlon® 722 System has been designed for high performance areas where hardness, chemical and abrasion resistance is required. The aliphatic backbone of Wearlon® 722 provides excellent UV resistance, which makes it particularly useful in exterior applications. One of the most outstanding features of Wearlon® 722 is its rapid hard-ness development. Wearlon® 722 is water borne and extremely tough even at depos-its of 1 to 2 mil dry film thickness.

Typical Properties

Type: Aliphatic polyurethane
Appearance: Amber colored dispersion
Total solids: 35%
pH: 8.3
Viscosity, Brookfield, 25®C, cps: 300
Specific gravity of solids @ 25®C: 1.14
Freeze/thaw stability: Passes 5 cycles
VOC, by weight: 360 gms/liter
Type of VOC: N-Methyl Pyrrolidone

Key Benefits

  • Rapid hardness development
  • UV resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Water borne
  • Pigmented or transparent
  • Meets U.S.D.A. requirements for indirect food contact surfaces.

TABLE 1 - Application Properties of Clean Film

- Can be applied by roll, brush, or spray -

1 mil D.F.T. Wearlon® 722
Dry Time: Set to touch - 20 min. Thorough dry - 30 min.

Sward Hardness Development -
4 hours: 12
1 week: 44

TABLE 2 - Physical Performance Properties

1 mil dry film thickness Wearlon® 722

Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 4H
Pendulum Hardness (Konig) ASTM D4366 109
Taber Abrasion ASTM D4060
(mg. Loss per 1000 cycles, CS-11 wheel 1000 gram load) 21
Impact Resistance at 30°F, in-lb. 160
QUV Weatherometer ASTM D4329 Oxidation - No effect
  Blistering - No effect
  Yellowing - No effect
  Loss of gloss-No effect
Tensile Strength ASTM D2370 8000psi
% Elongation at break D2370 100
Temperature Service Range "Continuous"
  ASTM D2485 275®F- +/- 28®F
Temperature Service Range "Intermittent"
  ASTM D2485 450®F - +/- 50®F
Special Gloss at 60® ASTM D523 60
Solvent Resistance ASTM G20 Modified Excellent
Salt Resistance ASTM G20 Modified Excellent
Acid Resistance ASTM G20 Modified Excellent
Alkali Resistance ASTM G20 Modified Excellent
Salt Spray Resistance-1000Hr. ASTM B117 Excellent

Adhesion Properties

Wearlon® 722 primer has outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. However, on certain metal and special substrates, we suggest that proper sand blasting or anticorrosive coating be applied before Wearlon® 722 application.

Metal Plastic
Untreated Cold   Polycarbonates Excellent
Rolled Steel Excellent Vinyl Excellent
Bonderite 100 Excellent    
Bonderite 1000 Excellent    
Tin Plate Excellent    
Untreated Aluminum Excellent    
Anodized Aluminum Excellent    

All surfaces must be free of contaminates. For metal surfaces, a white metal blast is recommended. For concrete surfaces, blasting or blast-track will give the best results. For new concrete surfaces, a 5% acid wash is acceptable.

Formulating Guide

Flash rusting is seldom encountered with systems based on Wearlon® 722. However, unusually high humidity conditions may cause some problems. Ammonium benzoate, as well as other anti-flash rusting products available at local paint stores, is effective in eliminating flash rusting.


Available in clear or color.

CAUTION: Wearlon® surfaces have a low coefficient of friction and therefore tend to be slippery.

To the best of our knowledge the technical data contained herein is true and accurate at the date of this issuance and is subject to change without prior notice. User must contact Wearlon® distributor/representative to verify correctness before specifying or ordering. No guarantee of accuracy is given or implied. Plastic Maritime guarantees its products to conform to Plastic Maritime quality control. Plastic Maritime assumes no responsibility for coverage, performance, or injuries resulting from use. Liability, if any, is limited to replacement of products. NO OTHER WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND IS MADE BY PLASTIC MARITIME, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, STATUTORY, BY OPERATION OF THE LAW OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DISTRIBUTOR OR CALL PLASTIC MARITIME AT 518-587-7624.

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