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Slickcoat        Friction Reduction - Abrasion Resistant Coating


Slickcoat™ is a water based silicone-epoxy coating having unique release properties while adhering to a broad range of substrates including wood, concrete, fiberglass, metal, and most plastics including epoxies, polyurethanes, and alkyds. Slickcoat™ has excellent adhesion to untreated metals including cold rolled steel. Slickcoat™ is applied to treated surfaces as follows:

SSPC 7, a brush-off blast cleaned surface, prior to application.
Power wash removing oil residue prior to application.
For exposed marine or high PH applications, contact manufacturer for substrate surface preparation instruction based upon application


If flash rusting occurs on steel surfaces prior to coating, the surfaces units have been left exposed and uncoated for an extended period of time prior to the coating application. If it is necessary to leave the surface preparation uncoated for a longer duration, it is recommended to utilize an approved rust inhibitor. See our webpage for an approved rust inhibitor.


Slickcoat™ is a 2 component product. Component A must be mixed with a high shear mixer to ensure a homogenous coating. Slickcoat™ is packaged in 1-gallon and 5-gallon kits which contain the proper ratio of ingredients. The entire contents of each container should be mixed together. For quantities less than the pre-packaged kit, mix as follows: To 15 parts of the A component, mix in 1 part of the B component. Mix the A and the B until completely blended. NO INDUCTION PERIOD NECESSARY, Spray or roll immediately.


If you find it necessary to thin Slickcoat™ you may add up to 5% DRINKING WATER. Clean up by using soap and water while Slickcoat™ is in an uncured state. For best results clean all equipment as soon as the application is complete. After the material has cured you will need to use solvents to remove the Slickcoat™ from unwanted surfaces.


For the best result, apply Slickcoat™ with airless spray equipment. Slickcoat™ cures at room temperature. It is highly recommended that the applicator coat a test unit prior to production in order to observe the proper coverage rate and drying times associated with the shop or field conditions being utilized in order to insure a quality application result is being achieved. Do not coat products at surface temperatures below 40°F and relative humidity above 90%. Apply 6-8 mils wet or 3-4 mils dry and allow to cure overnight before placing into service. When speed of application is required for coating pilings, external heat may be employed to expedite the cure rate before, after, or a combination of the two. External heat can be achieved either by post-heating the applied coating or by pre-heating the substrate up to 100°F to 140°F and then applying the coating. For vertical surfaces, it may be necessary to make several coating passes in order to obtain the specified mill thickness. If sagging is evident, use a foam roller to brush out any visible sagging.

Another acceptable method of application is to apply Slickcoat™ using a short nap mohair roller or urethane foam roller. Roll first coat on and then follow with a second coat within 10-30 minutes while the first coat is still tacky in order to achieve the proper mil thickness. Depending on the application method utilized, it may be required to add additional layers in order to achieve proper mill thickness. When recoating or applying additional layer(s), remember Slickcoat™ does not stick to itself when cured. Make sure to apply a recoat or additional coating layer while the previous coating remains in a tacky uncured state. If you begin to notice fish eyeing as the second coat is applied, you have waited too long between coats. Recoat by wiping the coating with Acetone or sand lightly with a scotch bright pad, wipe off dust, and re-apply the coating.

  • Slickcoat™ is mixed project specific
  • Shelf Life: 6 months
  • Storage: DO NOT FREEZE


Silicone/epoxy waterbased Pot life: 60 min. @ 68°F Induction Time: None Solids: by Weight 49% Coverage Rate: Approx. 170 sq. ft. /gallon @ 3-4 mil DFT (85% Yield) Tensile Strength :> 1750psi Elongation: ASTM 2370>5% Adhesion: ASTM D4541>400psi Abrasion: (CS 17/Kg/1000 cycles) <4 mg loss Cure Time: Complete in 5 days. Dry to the touch in 2 hours. Force cure 300°F for 30 min. Many applications can be returned to service the next day. VOC: ASTM 3960-0.5#/gl. Heat Resistance: Do not exceed 275°F continuous service. CAUTION: Slickcoat&trade surfaces have a low coefficient of friction and therefore tend to be slippery, especially when wet.

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